Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Wireless Technologies
Focal3 uses its expertise in the wireless data solutions domain along with its strengths in CORE and END USER technologies. Focal3 can provide this expertise to equipment vendors as well as service providers.

We provide expertise in the following areas of Wireless infrastructure development: 

  • 2G/2.5G Wireless Technologies
    • GSM/GPRS voice and data standards, protocols, specifications
    • Gb, Gc, Gd, Gf, Gi, Gn, Gp, Gr, Gs, Um interface
  • 3G data/voice protocols and standards
    • UMTS protocols, specs and standards
    • Media Gateway / H248 Protocol
    • CDMA 2000 protocols and standards
  • Expertise in Proprietary platforms like Nortel and CISCO
    • Nortel Passport platform
    • CISCO routers/switches (CCNE certified consultants)
    • Other proprietary hardware and platforms 

Voice Over IP Technologies
Voice Over IP is the telephony of the future and businesses in the US are already leveraging an early entry into this area by using the multi-featured phones which also act as their web and database access point. Focal3 provides businesses customized VOIP solutions on top of CISCO’s VOIP servers and networks. 

  • VOIP solutions for businesses
    • VOIP custom solutions for businesses (retail, healthcare, education, Government etc)
    • Focus on IP Security
    • Expertise in RSPP (Resource Reservation Protocol)
    • Focus on QOS (Quality of Service) 

Mobile Subscriber/End User Technologies
Mobile commerce market potential has been put in the fast lane with the acceptance of WAP standard. Focal3’s areas of expertise in end user technologies Include:

Content Re-purposing
Focal3 recreates existing web content to be accessed over WAP devices. We then test for usability factors like ease of interaction, navigation and customization over multiple devices.

WAP Enabling
Focal3 helps organizations get on the wireless web by integrating their existing applications with the wireless web. Focal3 uses its development skills in building robust interfaces with legacy systems.

M-Commerce Solutions
Focal3 helps WAP dot coms get onto the web by crunching the development time using its 24x7 application development model. Focal3 uses its experience in putting together m-commerce solutions through selection and integration of appropriate packaged products.

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