Monday, March 20, 2023


Strategic alliances and partnerships have always been a key factor in Focal3’s success. The company has always strived to maintain effective relationships and mutually beneficial tie ups with its partners. The partnerships built between Focal3 and other technology vendors are based strongly on common goals, professional integrity, mutual trust and the willingness to look from the other point of view.

Focal3 works in partnership with leaders in their respective fields to provide best of breed technology solutions and value added services for clients. Working in partnership with Focal3 allows access to a wide spectrum of technological expertise; ensures smoother, less expensive technology migration; dramatically reduces IT overheads and capital expenditure while improving IT performance; ensures higher and faster return on investment; and gives organizations a technological edge over the competition.

Focal3 has a vast repertoire of reusable frameworks and components that require minimum customization, ensuring reduced cycle times, speedy product delivery, lower cost of ownership, better risk mitigation, and quicker response to customer requirements. Straddling emerging technologies and leveraging its core strength of highly talented and motivated personnel, Focal3 delivers break-through solutions in Software Development, System Architecture Design, Database Design, System Administration, Business Process Improvement, Enterprise Resource Planning, Web Technologies, and Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence.

As a leading IT Service provider, Focal3 is always on the lookout for Business Partners to market its offshore software development services to potential clients in North America and Europe. Focal3 believes outsourcing must deliver measurable benefits by way of cost savings, productivity increases and speed in achieving business goals, and has in place an innovative set of tools to measure performance levels in outsourcing engagements. A collaborative relationship with Focal3 can create and open various opportunities for its partners, such as business development, product line diversification, and costs reduction, to name a few.

As your partner, Focal3 will bring world-class processes, global expertise in application development, and a legacy of best practices that will enhance the value of existing IT investments within an organization. Focal3 has proven skills in application design and development across varied platforms, and an efficient project management and outsourcing model, which ensures proper requirements capture and evaluation, continuous project monitoring and regular reporting. Focal3 has a record of absolute adherence to schedules, and is capable of delivering measurable returns within budgets. To know more about partnering with Focal3, please mail to

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