Saturday, January 28, 2023


Focal3's state-of-the-art overseas development center is at Trivandrum, the capital city of southern Indian state of Kerala.

Kerala, a 100% literate state with many firsts to its credit. According to a recent survey by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Kerala has the best in overall composite ranking, next only to Delhi among the larger states, which is clearly evident from the high rate of literacy (almost 100%), the lowest birth and death rates rendering the highest physical quality of life in the country.

Its vast pool of skilled human resource readily meets the requirements of both public and private sector enterprises. The state with its impeccable track record in law and order has a peaceful, progressive society with a unique work culture to successfully promote the aspirations of investors in any sector.

Kerala has a cutting edge by location, technology, human resources availability and low operational cost among all the potential IT hubs in India. The three submarine cables landings and 'SAFE' submarine cable landings along with the primary international gateway of VSNL, offering 15 GBPS bandwidth backed by the digital backbone, provide Kerala with the best communication infrastructure to serve bandwidth-intensive IT industries.

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