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Focal3 offers flexible business models based on successful methodologies to suit the client's requirements. We work with the client to review current IT operations, cost analysis and develop a transition plan for development, operations & personnel that will allow a "zero" downtime business transition.

The following models have been adopted by Focal3 for engagements.

Offshore Development/ Dedicated Development Center
(Targeted at - Software Development Centers, End Users)

These are generally fixed price projects without much application complexity. These are projects that give the client the maximum cost benefit (almost 40%). Here the entire project execution is done offshore with a client representative acting as the onsite contact.

Dedicated development centers comprise committed infrastructure and personnel provided by Focal3 to conduct application development or maintenance to a single client. These models function as an extension of the client's IT department and are equipped with adequate physical security.

Services Offered

  • Preliminary Requirement Study
  • Project Estimation
  • Technical and Commercial Feasibility Analysis
  • Software Requirement Specification
  • System Designing
  • Coding
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Commissioning
  • Support & Maintenance (Conditions Apply)

  • Source Code
  • Application Software
  • Technical Documentation
  • User Manual
  • User Training
  • Beta Version
  • Support via Telephone / VOIP / Fax / Email / VPN / Frame Relay (for 6 Months
  • Support - Onsite (Optional)
  • Maintenance (Optional)
Web/Application Server

  • Resource allocation for Development
  • Project Management
  • Delivery of Beta
  • Installation of Beta
  • Training on Beta
  • Debugging of Beta
  • Commissioning of Final Version
  • Training on Final Version
  • Maintenance (Optional)
  • Connectivity to client site (Conditions Apply)

Offshore Managed Services
(Targeted at - End users, Onshore IT Services companies, Technical consultant placement firms)

Focal3 will provide technical experts based on the client’s request and needs. This model will be fully managed from Focal3’s offshore location.

Services Offered

  • Data entry, processing with client process/industry functional knowledge
  • Documentation
  • Technical consultancy
  • Network administration
  • Database administration
  • Application administration
  • OS administration
  • Security
  • End-to-end systems monitoring

  • Offshore support
  • Support via Telephone / VOIP / FAX / e-mail / VPN /Frame relay
Web/Application Server

  • Provide personnel
  • Ensure the required skill set
  • Connectivity to client site (Conditions Apply)

Collaborative Product Development
(Targeted at - End users with existing products or new product ideas)

When a firm work with Focal3 to develop and commercialize a specialized product, Focal3 can contribute to the development costs for technical and creative expertise, while partner firm can contribute to capital, marketing, and distribution capabilities. Both firms can also bring some specialized technology capability to the table in developing some highly complex product or systems.

Focal3 is on the lookout for specific partners worldwide with pioneering products or ideas. We will allocate development resources into building products for these partners. The agreement for such a partnership will be based on the following aspects:

  • Development costs
  • Future revenues from sales and maintenance
Services Offered

  • Product development (Same as offshore development model)

  • Offshore Support
  • Product maintenance (Same as offshore development model)
Web/Application Server

  • Provide development Personnel
  • Ensure the Required Skill Set
  • Connectivity to client site (Conditions Apply)
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