Monday, September 27, 2021

Emagine Technology

We are an International based Marketing & IT company with offices in Spain and The UK.

Our requirements come from a technical, marketing and design based backgrounds so I know we are a demanding client. Our work is very varied and requires skills at a number of levels. I have personally found the Focal 3 team a pleasure to work with! They are extremely professional, articulate and punctual in the delivery of work to the schedules set.

Most of our projects be they small to the complex can be quite open ended. I.e. Can continue over the set schedule.  Although a set price is always agreed before and Focal 3 ensure they understand the project in full before this is set. (which some coders don’t).  Invariably, we add things as they develop. In these instances I have had experience from other coding teams where you can get stung. Focal 3 have always been fair and open. This honesty is vital in any online or outsourced  relationship.

I deal with focal 3 purely by MSN/SKYPE and it works well. At no time have I felt a need to speak to them. I can if I wish.

It is always difficult to outsource this type of work but I am happy to say we are building a strong partnership that will continue for some time to come. Costs are all important and these are always very fair and in some cases a lot less than you might think for the quality of work produced.

Be you developing something from scratch or looking for a company whom can handle your existing requirements I would without doubt recommend the Focal 3 team.

Garry Stevens-Smith,
Managing Director,
emagine Technology

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