Tuesday, November 29, 2022


( EAI )

Building seamless e-business systems requires the leveraging of existing data and systems in a powerful way. Focal3’s solutions use proven technologies to integrate existing IT resources with new e-business solutions. Focal3 provides a variety of solutions to ensure that the integration is both smooth and speedy.

Focal3’s expertise includes: 

  • XML
  • IBM's MQ Series
  • MSMQ 

E-Business Integration services include: 

  • Data Integration - Our Microsoft & Java technology expertise provides us tools to extract, transform and manipulate data for clients.

  • Component Integration - Includes integration at the business logic, transaction management and application services layers using component architecture of COM+/DCOM and SOAP/XML framework or the equivalent in the J2EE framework.

  • Application Integration - Includes building web services adapters on appropriate Middleware. Content routing & event-based transactions and transformations are primary enablers in such integration.

  • Process Integration - Involves the process and workflow modeling approach to integration in combination with BEA and IBM technologies.

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