Tuesday, November 29, 2022


(Design, Develop and Implement)

Focal3's Database Services can assist implementing the latest or proven technology that is simply new to your company's environment. Its expertise includes Oracle, DB2, SQL server, Sybase, Postgres and Mysql. Some of the general areas that Focal3 service are:

Architecture and design

Architecture and design is at the center of Focal3's Database services for an independent function-level business application or an enterprise wide system. Focal3 can ensure that the most critical phase of systems development is done right to prevent having to recover from a poor or inappropriate design.

Availability and Scalability

High availability ensures maximum uptime for a company's mission-critical systems, while scalability ensures ability to handle increased future workload. Focal3's expert DBAs has the experience necessary to ensure this a success.

Performance and application tuning

Focal3's expert DBAs can perform performance tuning of databases in order to ensure maximum performance. Database and application migrations are best handled by experts on the target platform. Focal3 have the skilled resources available to properly architect a new environment when dealing with inherited systems (mergers), consolidation of multiple platforms or old legacy systems.

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