Monday, March 20, 2023


With offices in three continents and expertise across diverse industry verticals and technology platforms, Focal3 today offers stability and global exposure to individuals with a zest to excel. The company offers employees the flexibility of a small organization with the stability of a large company. The collaborative work environment at Focal3 motivates employees to explore their full potential and to excel in their individual capacities. If you are looking for a lively, challenging and rewarding working environment, then Focal3 is the place to be.

The company cultivates a people-first policy and makes sure that its employees receive the care and recognition they deserve. It is this attention to the individual that sets Focal3 apart from other software companies. Today, Focal3’s global team is powered by professionals from prestigious institutions and organizations - people with consummate technical skills, a commitment to succeed and a shared vision to excel in the industry.

Focal3 is on the look out for talented, experienced and motivated people who enjoy being at the leading edge of technology, love working as part of a team, can multi-task, and are wiling to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Focal3 has openings in IT Consulting, Project Management, Programming and International Marketing.

Focal3 offers a compensation package that is commensurate with employees’ experience and skill-sets, and is comparable with the best in the industry. If you wish to be part of a fast-paced, dynamic organization that fosters excellence and personal growth, please send your resume to

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